For over a decade, Jimmy D. has been designing, riding, and promoting motorized snowboards. He came up with the idea for The Snow Carver™ using a combination of a ball joint and springs to attach a motor to the back of a snowboard in 2000 and received his first patent US patent # 6,698,540 (The Snow Carver™ using a combination of a ball joint and springs) for his unique design in 2004 (SEE HISTORY PAGE).

Ten years after he invented The Snow Carver™, he patented a simpler version US patent # 8,844,664 for The Snow Surfer™ using just a single spring for the suspension.

The Snow Shredder™


3 detachable connection pieces
weight shift turn ability
operated without bindings allowing either regular or "goofy foot" stance

The Snow Surfer™

The Snow Carver™

Drive System Photo


continuous variable speed transmission
fuel tank 1.75 gallon
175 cc 2 stroke 15 horsepower
mechanical disc break
on/off , electric start-with keyed ignition on the engine
recoil pull start also
2" x 15" x 60" track
speed 35 MPH

Controller Photo


Hand-Held Controller.
controls variable speed
electric start
controls variable brakes
heated hand grip
kill button
tether switch, engine dies if dropped