Jimmy D'z Snow CarverTM and Snow SurferTM are exciting new powerboards, that are ready for production. Jim Decker has perfected the motorized snowboard with a unique, precision weight balance design. The rider is propelled by a gas powered engine and track, experiencing the thrill of carving and maneuvering turns and speed in the open space. Have a few hills in your area, the Snow CarverTM and the Snow SurferTM go up and down hills too. Go to the Streaming Media section and watch Jimmy do it!

The Snow CarverTM and the Snow SurferTM work best on 6" or more of fresh powder versus hard pack snow. The Snow CarverTM and the Snow SurferTM float on deep snow using a hand held controller so that the rider can twist and lean using natural wieght shift to steer.


Gas Powered Motorized Snowboard

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Jimmy D says handle bars are for sissies